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What is Self-Care?

Self care is any activity deliberately done to improve mental, emotional, or physical health.

  • Can improve your mood, reduce anxiety or depression, and decrease stress

  • Can provide the balance between a busy life and a healthy life

Prioritizing yourself and your needs allows you to help and support others, foster and sustain meaningful relationships, and obtain more happiness and fulfillment from life.

Failure to Implement 

  • An extended failure to care for one’s self can result in decreased emotional well being, mental/physical illness, or even hospitalization. 

Methods of Self-Care 

  • Promote a healthy diet 

  • Exercise 

  • Get quality sleep 

  • Practice relaxation exercises 

  • Meditate 

  • Write in a journal 

  • Meet with a therapist 

  • Participate in enjoyable activities 

    • Get a massage 

    • Go out for a meal with friends 

    • See a movie 

    • Spend time outdoors 

    • Read a book 

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